Best Art Galleries in Malibu that You Must Visit

Arts and culture are some of the most notable things about Malibu. We love creativity, art in all forms, and we have a very rich culture. People from all over the world live here and tourists from every corner of the Earth come to see the sites. Together, all of this makes for an excellent backdrop for art and galleries. There are many great galleries to visit and we would like to share a few of them with you.

  1. Wall-Street Gallery – This is a street gallery and you can enter for free. You will find different themes and some very fun and whimsical pieces. The art changes often and you can buy some of the pieces. If you’re looking for a new experience, this is worth the time.
  2. Paint Wine N Dine – This place offers art classes and teaches people to paint. While you paint, you can eat and drink and meet some new people. The art is displayed in the gallery. This is a very fun gallery and paint school and you will learn to paint while having a ton of fun.
  3. ThinkSpace Gallery – This is one of the most quaint and fantastic galleries in California. This one Is not in Malibu itself, but it is worth mentioning. It is a small gallery that rotates the artists they feature. They feature many different artists and their best pieces. You can see famous and local unknown artists’ work here. The experience is always new and friendly and absolutely worth it.
  4. David Hinnebusch Artworks – David Hinnebusch is a local artist that has a great and loyal following. Many people have bought several of his pieces for their collection. His gallery is beautiful and his art inspiring and unique. If you want to take a piece of local Malibu art with you, visit and support this talented man’s gallery.

If you enjoy art and want to experience a few new galleries and discover new artists, start with these galleries. You will have a great time and fall further in love with the magic of Malibu.


California’s Top Artists in Different Fields

Art takes many forms and works with many media. You can find all kinds of art in Malibu and you will be amazed at the versatility and variety. We have some very talented California locals that can paint, dance, sing, and sculpt dust in any competitor’s eyes. Today, we feature a few of these talented artists.

Skylar Ethan – He is a Californian abstract artist. He paints pieces by order to suit any size and space. All of his works are custom-made and you can request anything abstract from him. He is very talented.

Gerard Basil – This amazing and extremely talented man is a contemporary sculptor. He creates fine art bronze sculptures and they are beautiful. He is really making a name for himself.

Sarah Stone – Sarah Stone has a very specific style and we love it. She creates prints and posters with all sorts of interesting themes and objects. Some of them are also a lot of fun and you will surely enjoy them.

Christina Twomey – Christina is an abstract artist and has done some amazing pieces. She has received several awards and her paintings can be bought from places like Macy’s. She also works by order and you can approach her to ask for an original abstract artwork. This lady is very talented and soon her paintings will be in homes and offices across the world.

Steven Dewall – Steven Dewall is a photographer that specializes in commercial and editorial photography. He has a great eye for color and composition. He takes photographs for magazines and artists and he is very high in demand. He is loved by everyone who has worked with him and his photographs are amazing.

Jeff Raum – Jeff is a decorative painter that owns Jeff Raum Studios and offers decorative painting services to clients like Gucci, Johnny Carson, and Will Smith. He is loved by celebrities and us normal folks alike. His work brings atmosphere and meaning into any room.

These artists are making their name in the world and they are all very talented. We are proud to say that these guys are from California. If you want to have a beautiful painting, a sculpture from bronze, or an epic photograph, look no further.